FECTU Webinar - Modern Animal Traction

A webinar by three of Europe’s leading experts on animal traction which will focus on the use of working equids in Europe; the current reality, challenges and opportunities.

Equids in Europe are being used in areas such as agriculture, vineyards, forest, urban environments and other activities. This webinar is an excellent opportunity to explore the of the reality in Europe around working equids.


Pit Schlechter will start the webinar off by talking about the current situation facing working equids.

Erhard Schroll will cover the challenges and opportunities, talking about his experience as a professional logger and farmer using working horses including harness and implements.


A panel discussion about the situation, challenges and opportunities facing working equids in Europe with Joao Rodrigues, Erhard Schroll and Pit Schlechter.

Webinars going online soon:


- "Feeding working equids" with Mariano Hernandez Gil (Mexico)

- "An overview of the welfare of working equids in Latin America“ with Tamara Tadich

- "The importance of dental care for the health and welfare of (working) equids“ with João B. Rodrigues

- "L'éducation du jeune cheval de travail (the education of the young working horse)“ with Abel Ibanez Marti (in French)