New FECTU booklet
FECTU launches the new edition of the FECTU booklet Working equids: Working horses, donkeys and mules - an alternative with future. This new version can be found here on Flipbook.
European Logging Championship 2022
From 26th - 28th of August the European logging championship took place in Liebenfels in Carinthia (Austria)
Two new FECTU members from France
- Prommata
New FECTU member from Czech Republic
We proudly present our new FECTU member from the czech republic: Centrum slezského norika Check out their webpage:
Since July 2020, FECTU has been promoting a monthly webinar, covering different topics focused on health and welfare of working animals, but also on different uses in all kinds of activities. These webinars will continue in 2021 and are included in the continuous training programme, as a way to share knowledge and bring together professionals from different areas, having in common the passion for animal traction and working animals. As a result, FECTU has launched the new YouTube channel, where...
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of FECTU took place at the Muzeum Szreniawa in Poland this year.
In January 2018 FECTU, THE DONKEY SANCTUARY and WORLD HORSE WELFARE signed a memorandum to create the Equid Power Network - EPN. It’s mission is “ to highlight the benefits of working equids by promoting their responsible use and care, recognizing them as a valid, affordable, clean and renewable power source, as well as their value in human livelihoods through their contribution to financial, ecological, and social capital.” A website is under construction and the templates designed to...