The thinking behind the creation of FECTU

In Western Europe, very few people recognise the draught horse as a working animal any more. After the Second World War it gradually disappeared from the public’s awareness and this state of affairs is only changing thanks to a combination of current concerns over ecological issues and the danger of losing forever various rare breeds of domestic animals. At long last, those individuals and organisations who have been positively committed to the use of the draught horse since the 1990’s are being noticed and listened to The draught horse is being seriously re-evaluated as an energy source that has already been in use for thousands of years, and moreover one that is at the same time infinitely renewable and totally eco-friendly. With the greatly increased European interest in energy and environmental issues, it is a most appropriate moment to bring together under an international umbrella-organisation all the efforts being made to encourage a modern, effective and well managed means of using animal traction once again. This is the thinking behind the creation of FECTU.