The following associations are members of FECTU:

  • Österreichische Interessensgemeinschaft Pferdekraft - ÖIPK (Austria)
  • Die Ländlichen - Reiter und Fahrer Österreich (Austria)                                                         
  • Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association (Great-Britain)
  • Interessengemeinschaft Zugpferde e.V. (Germany)
  • Lithuanian Draft Horse Breeders Association (Lithuania) 



FECTU now represents more than 35000 individuals from the membership lists of the Member Associations.

Who can become a member?

Only properly constituted organisations, societies or clubs can become members of FECTU. Their stated objectives must correspond broadly with those of FECTU (constitution). Written applications to join FECTU should be sent to the President. Membership requests are decided upon by the Committee.