Webinar: Feeding Working Equids

Our speaker from this webinar is Mariano Hernandez Gil (Mexico)

Mariano will talk about nutritional requirements, highlighting aspects to be taken into account when moving from small donkeys to big horses, to finally share some ideas on management in different conditions to promote performance and sustainability.

Mariano obtained a first degree in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 2000. He then moved to the Autonomous University of Yucatan to obtain a Masters Degree with a minor in Animal Nutrition in 2002.


Firstly managing the Nutrition and Management Project to eventually become the Programme Manager, Mariano collaborated for 17 years with a joint programme that The Donkey Sanctuary, World Horse Welfare and UNAM have supported to improve the conditions of working equines in Mexico.


Certified in Equine Practice by the Mexican Council of Veterinary Education, he currently heads the Department of Equine Medicine, Surgery and Science at the College of Veterinary Medicine of UNAM.

Involved in academics, extension and continuing education to promote the health, welfare and performance of equids, throughout his career Mariano has been convinced about maintaining the good practices people have in agriculture, animal husbandry and sustainability whilst incorporating developments in science and technology.