FECTU Webinar : Francesca Compostella

FECTU Webinar with Francesca Compostella


Welfare regulation: A black and white affair? Exploring 50 shades of welfare.



A discussion of the impact of welfare regulations in developing countries.





Dr. Francesca Compostella has worked in the development sector since completing a surgical residency in 2012. Having grown up in Mozambique she has always been passionate about the human animal bond, and the incredible role working animals hold in supporting communities. Her focus is on promoting education at all levels, where she applies a One Health approach to maximize the limited resources faced in some parts of the world. She is currently working in Saudi Arabia as Executive Veterinary and Welfare Director for the Equestrian Authority, designing the national equine structure, policies and procedures. She also oversees the large animal activities for Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) leading their International Projects