WORKING ANIMALS - A future that proves itself


For thousands of years and everywhere on earth, working animals have been a tremendous help for mankind. Bovini, horses, donkeys and mules, camels, elephants etc ... have contributed and still contribute to feeding billions of men, women and children as well as making their everyday life easier.


It is only during the oil era, an era that is already nearing its end, that wealthy countries have abandoned animal power in favour of the technology of internal combustion engine. As motorized machines were becoming the symbols of progress, human power together with the power of working animals were wrongly regarded as obvious signs of underdevelopment.


Working animals virtually emit no carbon dioxide, they only feed on plants that grow locally and produce natural fertilizers. They reproduce by themselves. Their use has proved itself for thousands of years and it is difficult to imagine any other power that would be as universally accessible and as durable.


Isn’t it astonishing to see that such a source of energy, with so many assets, be ignored if not denigrated by common consent at a time when motorization, which offers real advantages from several standpoints, generates increasing social, ecological and economical problems.


Animal power is a realistic option for the future. It


  • is accessible in the remotest regions on earth,
  • is financially affordable even for the poorest users,
  • is independant from fuel and spareparts distributors and retailers,
  • lightens the hard labour of innumerable men, women and children, enabling them to dedicate more time to other activities like going to school,
  • develops self-sufficiency and food independance,
  • helps local and regional transportation thus favouring commercial exchanges
  • safeguards rural social structures and family farming
  • curbs migration towards cities and rich countries,
  • contributes to a durable management of arable lands, forests and sensitive areas
  • helps preserving of biodiversity
  • represents a human sized technology.


Therefore the FECTU is convinced that it is necessary


  • to promote, through all media, a responsible and reasonable use of working animals,
  • to encourage scientific research and studies that can improve the efficiency of the material and the well being of the animals,
  • to integrate or re-integrate the use of working animals in agricultural, forestry, etc ... professional training,
  • to appreciate the true worth of the work of animal users and defend them against prejudices and discriminations